Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reflection: Gloomy, Overcast Day Street-Preaching In The Community...

Today I was led of the Lord by His Spirit to preach the Word walking on up Hillsboro Street and then making the right turn walking up the road of Kress Street.

It's been a gloomy, overcast "gray day" up in the sky.

I held up His Word to cars I met having stopped at the intersection of Woolworth Street on the way up Hillsboro Street.

Every time I sensed a moment to stop I went and held up the Bible for the men, women and people to see His Word as I looked at them in direct face-to-face contact.

Today, I didn't really get much "reaction" from the local townsfolk or at least they may not have wanted to "acknowledge my existence" as I made clear to them by my mere physical "presence" upholding a Bible in my hand that "there is a God" and many people do not want to accept that fact...

I've been here in the Denver Harbor community of the Fifth Ward District in Houston, Texas for a while now...

Seems so strange how the time has passed since I first arrived here in the summer of June 2015; now up to this point of February 2017... Wow... Can't even believe it really...

My Bible "street-preaching" seems (at least to me) to lost it's "spark" like it used to have. People it seems have grown accustomed or "used to it" being done by me as a "familiar" with the deal.

I'm starting to kinda feel like "Noah" in a way when the Lord had called him to preach the warning of "The Flood" to come and the repentance to God from the Evil of that Time.

Then again, as I've learned from trial-and-error" my own personal "feelings" on the matter cannot be trusted when I go about doing the Lord's Will.


When I first got here in Denver Harbor of the Fifth Ward District in Houston, Texas, everything was so "brand new" lol and fresh, and "exciting".

Now, haha it's all "old news" typical and "the usual".

Don't get me wrong lol, I like it here, love it even in some ways but now I'm starting to feel "pressed" in my spirit as though God is going to "open up" something new I must "transition to".

I've met a lot of people here. Witnessed the best I could at the times presented... Now I think is the time for a "change" and I don't know what kind of change must take place but God Knoweth.

I'm mindful to stay fully dependent and compliant on GOD'S DESIRES solely and not let my own "personal desires" override and conflict with "His Schedule". What He wants is all that matters. Not my "personal desires" at this point.

Like my elder brother and Pastor T.J. once said (it's not his exact saying but something very similar I'll "paraphrase"); "There come's a time in every believer's walk with the Lord that things go from being 'wide 'n open', free with so much freedom to 'dance around' and do what you like in service to the Lord; but then things start to get NARROWER. More "rigid" and "narrow. A lot of "personal choices and decisions" God would allow you to do and experience from as a "rookie" growing up in the Lord. But now that you've had time to grow and be developed in the Lord your walk with the Lord has become much more "narrower" and RESTRICTIVE than it used to be when you first started out. Things are harder and a lot more 'demanding'. You have to do all things God's Way or you won't be walking in His Spirit of His Perfect Will in your life."

I very much agree wholeheartedly with his statements.

Elder brother Pastor T.J. told me and my brethren this on a Wednesday night bible study about this subject and while he didn't go into all the "nitty-gritty" details of the "narrower path" more "experienced" believers in the Lord get "thrusted into" I'd say, it's something we all very much identified with. Amen.

As of yet, even though it's been a mere nearly four years of Christian ministry I've embarked on from the Lord beginning in the summer of 2013 to this point I suppose I can say, from all that I've been through, people I've met and "experiences" good and bad I had the privilege to learn from and develop I'm no longer a "rookie in the Lord" but I'm also no aged, seasoned veteran in Christ either.

I may have a long way to God as the Lord leads. I can only trust God what He will do with me next.

It would be a blessing to live a good long life on earth until the Rapture takes place but I'm realistic and I'm frankly accepting of a long or short life in the Lord as life goes on.

I'm now 23 years-old and starting to feel the "effects" of being in my "young adulthood" and getting "older". I must get myself on the "right track" and not make dumb and foolish choices and decisions I'll regret later.

Too much at stake in these times.

It's been a privilege also to meet all my wonderful brethren in Christ online here on Google Plus+, Facebook and Twitter to name a few social media platforms.

I was a "newbie" to pretty much all three mediums and by time, observance and participation I've learned how to interact and use these social media platforms greatly but I've learned from everyone who helped me out directly and indirectly and it was a blessed experience all around. Amen.

At the end of the day, I want to say I *LOVE* all people even though I simply don't want to be "bothered" most of the time lol.

People are good for the most part but can be "annoying" at times haha.

Well, looking outside now and the sun has come out and "taken away" from the "gloominess" of the day thus far... Looking real nice out from looking through the side window panes of inside the library.

Man, I want to be a KID again lol! Used to be so "innocent", "pure" and "blissfully ignorant" to the harsh realities of the "real world" as known by the sin of fallen humanity in this sin-cursed world.

Then again, I'm glad I'm "grown up".

Many people don't ever get to grow up into adulthood and die as children and teenagers unfortunately.

At least I see "life" as it is, not as it should and could be. That's a start.

Better I think in the long-term to see "life as is" and "accept" than to live in complete, "total ignorance" of real world real life reality and humanity. It's a mental fear and deception I don't wish on anyone.

Real life is HARD but it's REAL; no "illusions" to it. Amen.

Just because I "acknowledge reality" doesn't mean I always "accept it" as "ideal".

I don't always like or "accept" things as the way it is even though it could be something "morally wrong" and sinful or a "social truth"; but I can recognize it.

Although I want to say I'll always "be here" online blogging on this blog or having a "social media presence" elsewhere that will probably be the case and I'm wanting to continue and transition to higher levels in Christ here online but my biggest and main mission is to stay FOCUSED ON THE DIRECTION OF GOD ALMIGHTY, LORD JESUS CHRIST VIA HOLY SPIRIT.

I can't "promise" anyone here online or in the "real world" anything with a "guarantee". Some things I personally would like to because it's want I really want to do but other "bigger things" I cannot in full expectation.

I'm just saying all this out here 'cause I don't know what will be happening in the days ahead but somehow and somewhere I'll have to be "changing up" my "daily routine" and following the Lord to "uncharted territories" I never expect. It's how I even got to this point I never would have thought in my "early days" starting out in "ministry".

I'm experienced by all the great men and women of God here online and my fellow peers in age group. Great works in the Lord indeed.

May God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ guide and bless everyone on their personal journeys and walks in the Lord.

We must keep "keeping on" in life like Christ isn't coming back soon in preparation until He finally does return to gather His Sheep.

I'm not "waiting on the Lord" to return as though I've given up all "hope" and just want the "Rapture" to happen.

Perhaps Christ is waiting on US to work with Him.

Only the Father Knows when He is sending His Son back to earth but in the mean time, as the United States has a new U.S. President in President Donald J. Trump and a whole lot of global world events have transpired and going on, the future is "unpredictable" in how everything will all play out. Only God Knows all the details. NOTHING is "guaranteed". Amen.

Coming to a close now, I really hope everyone reading this and everyone in life everywhere around the world from here in the United States of America unto all seven continents and islands and land masses where human souls dwell: may everyone be guided by the Lord Jesus Christ and abide in His Spirit and His Perfect Will.

GOD has the ANSWERS. Not me and no other human-being.

Trust on Jesus Christ, start in His Word and LIVE DAILY IN OBEDIENCE TO HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

Your personal "plan" for your life will ultimately FAIL and "pale" in comparison" to the greatness of GOD'S PLAN if you potentially follow out HIS WILL over your own will. That's what I'm trying and learning to do now to the best of my God-Given ability.

I'm not perfect and I make mistakes. I'd be even more "self-righteous" and "prideful" to say I haven't "made mistakes" or been "disobedient or rebellious" towards God because I HAVE!

I've sinned against the Almighty many-a-times and regretted so but I'm not going to continue to "deny" and not act like it never happened.

I thrown down the Bible and "kicked it around" on the ground like I was kicking any regular sports ball like a soccer ball before in my anger and frustration against God. I got "fed up" with "obeying God" sometimes when I wanted to justify my "anger and desire to "get back" at people who I truly believed "did me wrong" and got mad at God as a result for being "willing to suffer for sinners' mistakes".

That said, deep down, I know I'm no "better" than anybody else out there, believer or "unbeliever" alike.

It's only CHRIST in me that's good. It's not about "personal righteousness" at all. That's such a fraud.

Only CHRIST is GOOD. Period.

I've experienced enough of "humanity" in myself and abroad to know that one biblical truth: "ONLY GOD IS GOOD".

There is NO RIGHTEOUSNESS among men without CHRIST. Period.

Sin-cursed humanity without any Judgment, Correction and Reproof from God is complete, total, debase pure evil.

Thank GOD, He sent His Son, LORD JESUS CHRIST to do the impossible.

There was no other way God could save humanity even though us mortal human-beings think "God could have done something else".

If that was the case He would of. How dare we "question God" on that matter? You think He wanted to "sacrifice His Son" if He could redeem humanity some other way? I don't think so but then again, I don't "think like God". I'm not God to know.

Even God Himself had to "pay the ultimate cost" to save humanity with that One Solution being the Sacrifice of His Dear, Only Beloved Son, Lord Jesus Christ to die for all humanity.

God had no "easy way out" and neither do we if we believe not that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.



~ Bro. Jed

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