Thursday, January 14, 2016

An Overcast Day With A Glimmer Of Hope...

Earlier today before the library opened I talked to an elder homeless black man I befriended sitting at a picnic table underneath the large gazebo in the park area.

I could tell he wanted to be alone for the most part so after a brief intial conversation I left.

Afterwards the Spirit of the Lord led me over to a young Hispanic man sitting at another picnic table busy plugging away on his iPhone. I gave hima "Jesus Christ LOVES YOU!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract and went on my way.

It was around 11:30 a.m. at the time (now it's 1:04 p.m. when I'm typing this now). I had 30 minutes before 12:00 noon when the library opened and the Spirit of the Lord caught me once again to explore some surroundings in Denver Harbor in the Fifth Ward neighborhood.

I walked down Sakowitz Street and also discovered and explored Sam Wilson Street and a few somewhat "secluded streets" most of the traffic does not go.

I am now very comfortable with the local surroundings and the people around.

It's on my HEART to EVANGELIZE all over! Starting with the most frequently traveled routes and streets people travel and live around.

There's a lot of anger, disillusionment, strife, pain and "silent suffering" I see in the eyes of the people around me in "the ghetto" as people may call it. People looking for jobs and need money...

I'm no stranger to "poor places"  but I've traveled and seen many different sights and lived many different experiences in my short, unimportant 21 years on this earth thus far...

I was out singing "Jesus, Jesus!..." to the people around me as I walked the streets and if anything I know God could make His Name stick in the hearts in the people to REMIND them of His Son, LORD JESUS CHRIST that people may be further brought to REPENTANCE!

A lot to do and not enough time in one day but with God's Help in prayer in "self-talk" He's always been there to help me "redeem the time".

It's a cloudy, overcast day but that initial reaching out to the young Hispanic man (my fellow peer in age range) gave me HOPE that Christ is working in the hearts of the people. Loosening them up; those hardened hearts the way only He can. I've experienced this too much to deny it. GOD is WORKING in our HEARTS.

In some of the people I often come around on a daily basis; some of them are seeming to "lighten up" in the negative attitudes I often encounter (perhaps perceiving me as a Christian; an "extreme").

Nonetheless, truly God has it all under control and I must do my best to be a very good vessel He can use; blameless without spot and reproach.

Peace in His Name.


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