Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Peaceful Sunny Morning Day Of The Lord On The Way To The Library...

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 12, 2016, as I was on one of my "routine trips" to the library by Cliff Tuttle Park, I was led of the Spirit and witnessed Christ to an elder Hispanic man sitting at a picnic table quietly eating his lunch.

I gave the man a "Jesus Christ LOVES You!" Gospel of Jesus Christ gospel tract in passing to which he readily received it by hand "in thanks" like "thanks for giving me this" in a silent fashion; as I was surprised he received it so patiently.

Nonetheless, it was God's Will and so I do not doubt it because the Lord in the Spirit said "Go to him before you go into the library".

This worked out to perfectly in knew I was in sync with the Will of the Lord. May all the Glory, Honour and THANKS BE to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen!

(P.S. Many more developments and happenings to be expounded on later, God-willing!)

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