Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Ending of Year 2016: At A CROSSROADS...

Okay, okay, okay... It's been quite a while indeed since I've posted here...

Lots have been going on in my personal life and it's quite challenging to manage things well as I should but in patience things are working out. Thank God.

First of all, I hope everyone has had a great Merry Christmas in the Lord.

I know for many folks it's a "good season" but there is also a lot of pain, sorrow and personal stress of a "bad season" for many people.

People have lost loved ones during the "holiday season". People have gotten into bitter, ugly fights and arguments with family and friends. It's reality. It happens to us all.

I thank God this Christmas was more "bland" and "dull" over being overly "contentious" and festering with "ill feelings".

Christmas was "okay" for the day it was but most importantly it's celebrated by us Christians as the Day our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ came into this world to live with humanity and eventually save us from our sins.

Thank God Lord Jesus Christ saved us. Amen!

Also, I won't really say here what I "got" for Christmas personally but I got the "best gift" of all apart from the Salvation of Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for it. Smh... Right on time and without even thinking it to.

It's really *AMAZING* how *GOD* works things out. Nothing like having your family and loved ones back with you. Amen.


Also... as far as "personal ministry" in the Lord is concerned I've always been minded to remain "mindful" of "soulwinning" and witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4) to all people the Lord gives me opportunity to share.

Last Tuesday, December 26, 2016 around 10:30p.m. I was walking around the local Cliff Tuttle Park outside of the local library space and gave a "Heart For The City" Christian Spanish gospel tract to an elder Hispanic man sitting on a wooden bench at the park having his "alone moment" of contemplation.

I didn't really want to "bother him" and before I went over to hand him the gospel tract I first asked the Holy Spirit closing my eyes briefly in passing by at the wooden bench table area nearby whether or not I should go to the man or man and hand him the gospel tract. Holy Spirit said "Yes, you may" and I thank God He gave me the strength to *FOLLOW THROUGH* and just *DO IT* whether the man accepted the gospel tract or not because at least I would have "closure" knowing I followed God's Will and one more soul got a chance for some "exposure" to God knowing *JESUS CHRIST*.

After that, I eventually made my way to go into the library to post articles and website links on Google Plus+ and minister and fellowship with brethren online.

Also watched some YouTube videos online of Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super for practically the whole day while also commenting...

I fell into my own "guilty pleasure" but still failed and did not do all the work I should have been doing but God still used my failure to *HIS SUCCESS*.

Anytime now I'm watching any kind of video online on YouTube I make it a "habit of strategy" to comment  interestingly about the content of the video whether it's about the places, characters, people, things; anything that is amusing, funny, informational, knowledge-imparting and I'm learning to be an "Online Fisherman for Jesus" just like Jesus told Peter, James and John He would teach them how to be "fishers of men".

See, when I'm getting involved and *ENGAGED* in the kind of hobbies, interests and activities of commenters I view online who comment on YouTube vids such as on "anime" YouTube vids; I just be me and talk and discuss about everything I'm thinking and liking because I like manga and anime myself.

I'm no "geek" into it, but I definitely love the *ARTSTYLE* and *STORYTELLING* possibilities that manga and anime open up for creative individuals.

Before I know it, someone may reply or respond to a comment I have about something on the video and depending as I read and sense the comment I receive from the commenter I could "potentially" get a chance to witness "Jesus" to someone.

For instance, I was watching a Dragon Ball Super episode about a villain named "Zamasu" who's basically like a "god-like" individual with a very twisted, self-righteous spirit of superiority of being an "immortal being" vs. "mortal beings" as in like us "human beings".

I haven't a clue the actual full plot of the story but it's a very deep, emotional saga that deals with themes of "sin" and "mortals vs. immortals". I saw many connections and opportunities where Christianity could be introduced and referenced in dealing with the life "morality topics" and subjects being discussed like how humanity should not "play God and mess with time travel" and related topics. Real deep stuff. Amen.


Also, also on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 I only street-preached His Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) shortly as led of the Spirit on Hillsboro Street around 9:40a.m. until I got to the end of the cross street that is Kress Street on my way walking up to the library.

I only briefly held up the Bible to a few people driving by in their cars and trucks as many already seemed to "sense" I was reminding them of their consciences that continued to "reject" the Existence of God they may know in their hearts...

Lately I really haven't been called in the Spirit of the Lord to do any "serious street-preaching" and "street evangelism" lately as God has been using the days and weeks before to minister in the hearts of the people He's been trying to reach through using my vessel.

Folks know there is a God; now it's just that they have to be led into *ACCEPTANCE* as trusting on Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

It's a time of rest and patience in the Lord to convict the hearts He has revealed Himself too.

Anywhere I go now in town (as has been the case ever since I've been street-preaching here) ... Walking the streets people gaze and "look over to me" in some kind of notable "awe" like "that's the black guy who's always around holding up the bible and preaching walking around".

It's like I have some kind of "unofficial" personal "fame" in the local community which is good and bad in both respects but only for the Glory of the Lord does this matter to me personally. People need to get SAVED and *LIVE FOR GOD* and not continue to look at me as some kind of "eye-gazing spectacle" for personal amusement.

My "street-preaching" might seem like silly antics" to unbelievers and unsaved folks looking from the outside-in and even "Churchian" fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who may think my street-preaching ministry is "too extreme", "primitive" or "unbiblical". "YEAH RIGHT!" I say to all my "hidden" naysayers out there who doubt God's Work in me.

I haven't been doing this stuff for "nothin'" without seeing any results for the labour: God has been GOOD to me and shown time-and-time again changed lives and people getting SAVED as a result of me taking the risk to street-preach in sometimes "hostile environments" that people would call the "ghetto".

EVERYBODY needs *JESUS* and the "Hood" is no exception.

At first I hated it here and wanted to leave ASAP and still do want to leave as soon as the Lord Leads me to go to next destination, Lord-willing; but now I've "grown" to like and appreciate my current surroundings.

God is HERE. Amen.


I suppose now my last piece of "news" I'll mention is that yesterday night after 7:30p.m. bible study I got "terminated" from serving as an "usher" at my local church.

I no longer serve as an "usher" at my church but I will now continue to attend church service and still be of help and service to my local church community.

The reason I was terminated by my pastor is because I refused to participate in the "Nativity Scene" Christmas play Sunday Christmas morning because I was convicted of the Holy Spirit not to be in it.

Before, I "went against" my conscious telling me I should not "go along" with the play and "went along with it".

I thought it was silly and not warranted and the Spirit said not to go with it. I say nothing personally against my pastor because he is the anointed of God as the leader of the church as he even says "Christ is the Head".

That said, I kinda just "brushed on the surface" here of what happened since it's a lot more complicated to this that it first sounds initially and more folks are involved it seems even though in my refusal not to participate in this "child's play" I didn't directly have "personal beef" with other brethren though I suspect indirectly some had some "personal beef" or "conflict" with me even though I'm not personally-involved or attached to anybody at the church as I "serve, help clean and up after service and come and go about my business afterward" and am still new to the church and to everyone that regularly attends.

So... All things being said, this is a last minute deal and I have no "hard feelings" against anyone since I already knew this could happen as "worst case scenario" and since I have my own personal ministry in the Lord I'm not "attached" to the "position" I had serving at church previously since by His Grace I'm serving the Lord all throughout my life and not just in the "church building" of the congregation.

Besides this all, 2016 has been a very harrowing and tense year for me of ups-and-downs with many failures and mistakes but nothing to super disastrous I couldn't recover from in due time by the Strong Hand of the Lord.

I've been "humbled" by the Lord in how hard life is and what it takes to survive and "push through" difficult circumstances and situations. It's been hard but not impossible.

I'm excited and weary for the New Year 2017 to come to pass but I'm very cautious and "apprehensive" about this new year.

I want 2017 to be a year of *BREAKTHROUGH* of *REVIVAL* in the *CHURCH* and also my own personal life.

2017 is the year to rise up to a new level in the Lord and contend with all the enemies of our Lord.

I think I may pose a few "New Year's Resolutions" I have in the Lord concerning the Body of Christ as well as personal goals.

May God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ be in our hearts as we make the voyage into this New Year 2017. Amen.

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed  

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