Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Excursion In The Lord Around Town In Denver Harbor...

It's been quite a long while...

Lots have happened lately these last days.

Halloween was preached against. Served and participated in my local church of "Calvary Christian Center's annual children's "Harvest Fest" event for children on the wicked, secular "Halloween Day" of the Devil...

Further beyond that even, was fasting in the days of November 6-9 as renowed Christian televangelist "Jentezen Franklin" called Christians nationwide in America to pray, fast and vote during the final election days... Good deal.

Went out and voted with my family.

And yeah, I won't lie but speak the truth: I voted *TRUMP* and NOT Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Although my reasons why are varied and practical, long story short from what I discerned Mr. Donald J. Trump's values and beliefs are more in line with "Bible Principals" above all else.

And yeah, don't always agree or like everything he says or does but like all people he has his "warts" flaws, faults and failures like us all. He's human... like us all (just in case you are an actually human-being" cuz there be "chimeras" about lol; but that's a whole 'nother can of worms for another time).

That aside, I have nothing personally against Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Clintons and her supporters.

I love them all as any and every Christian should love all people.

It ain't 'bout "hating people"; it's about *OBJECTIVE* DEFIANCE against evil, ungodly agendas of the Devil, Satan.

Homosexual marriage, along with abortion and other wicked ambominations are being "strong-armed" and pushed on the masses by liberal-minded elites.

As a Christian I have to be AGAINST what GOD IS AGAINST and that's my whole case here. Nothing personal at all; all about PRINCIPAL.

The "caveat" with Trump is that he's got a "Christian" Vice President in Mr. Mike Pence.

Hope the Lord Works something out there too even; so the "Trump Ticket" looks a lot more promising than the "same ol'-same ol' one would get with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton & Co.; had she won the presidential election.

Either way it went, I'm practical and pragmatic, I'm not going to "fall out" and "thrown in the towel" and get all upset and in an "emotional tantrum" if Mrs. Clinton had won, but I thank God she didn't.

I already made the mistake in my youthful ignorance of voting in our current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama the *TWO TIMES*. TWICE

I didn't want to make that same mistake this time; especially since a lot more's in stake for the nation this time around.

So after election news is over and confirmed; I'm glad the "suspense" is "at peace" and finished.

Now it's time for the Christian *CHURCH* to be doing it's job.

That's what I'm focused on going forward as I update news here on the blog.

(P.S. Last night at "Wednesday night bible study" it was good lesson from elder brother Pastor T.J. and brethren. This time around, like I'm now getting better at doing is I "shook hands" with the MAN FIRST and not the "woman's hand" whenever I meet a "couple". In this feminized, "socially-backward" wicked society, women are walking before men and leading up front instead of following behind men. I see this too much to my personal infuriation and irritation when I see women "ruling over men". When I have opportunity as the Lord provides I fight against this wicked spiritual confusion of the Devil, Satan. So when the young woman went and offered her hand for me to shake I'm like "Nah (lol), shaking my hands "no" and when the older man offers his hand for me to shake I SHAKE HIS HAND first and not the woman's. She instinctively realizes this dominant male body language social tactic and doesn't even offer her hand to me to shake. Her husband/boyfriend gives me his "respect" in my conduct for acknowlegding his natural headship as "the man" of the relationship and I did the right thing there. Thank the Lord. Lol then Hispanic sister "M(r)s. K" I'll call her is all "touchy-feely" like she want me to "shake her hand" or get "physical with her"; but I always decline her advances. She has a man; "Mr. G." I'll call him and I'm not sure of their relationship; whether "husband/boyfriend/fiance" but all I know is their is NO "third party" with me being involved. She's got a man; anything I do would only lead to adultery, affair and "bad situations". Nah, I know better than to "entertain" those WICKED devilish thoughts! Smh... Even in the CHURCH lol... women (in relationships) coming on to me. Not good. Anyways I think she knows I know better and that I think she knows (or should) know better. So it stays at that. Love all my brethren in the local church here in town though. Amen.)

Okay now, so earlier today, this morning at around 9:20a.m. I was led of the Lord by the Spirit to go street-preaching on Hoffman Street up on my way to Lyons Avenue being led of the Holy Spirit to do as He Willed.

I'm taking my time walking slowly but surely. Seeing people coming up about to pass I stand over close enough to the curbside to the side of the sidewalk trails to hold up the Bible and "point to them" as though I'm "targeting" their approaches.

Since it's a few "sparse cars" out driving, I'm being "methodical" and analytical in my street-witnessing "going with the natural flow" of the pace of the social atmosphere and local neighborhood as I "wave hello" to people passing by in the vehicles and also local neighbours in the neighborhoods.

As I make it to Lyons Avenue I stopped by the local "Lyons Washateria" for a brief break before continuing "street-preaching" as the Lord led me to do further.

I left a "LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU!" multi-colored thin brown cardboard paper slip on the hang stand of the phone booth for someone to discover and be a witness to.

Next thing, I'm walking down the parking lot of the Washateria taking a right and holding up the Bible to people driving by on Lyons Avenue.

I'm heading in the direction of going like towards the local Fiesta grocery store.

It's fewer traffic out at the time because the train is passing across Lyons Avenue; so traffic has been diverted into different routes to bypass the train.

So after I cross over Shotwell Street, I'm kind of just "hanging around" individually witnessing to people I can make eye contact with through the glass of their vehicle windows before I eventually plan to cross over the railroad tracks on Lyons Avenue towards Lockwood Drive area by the METRO Transit Center.

I'm circling around walking in the "square of the Shotwell Street crosswalk briefly witnessing to people with the Bible pulled to the side of my body and holding the Bible up to them and pointing to them directly as a "witness".

Message is "received": some people hand wave "Yes, I get it..." some like "Okay, sure, goodbye now" as they throw up their hands in exasperation lol.

After a while, Holy Spirit says "It's enough now" and says I can stop just after the train finishes passing on by.

But before I "make my way" to "pass over" the railroad tracks an elder white man in a wheelchair turns out to be the reason why the railroad train is "stopped up" cuz he don't want to move off of the railroad tracks.

In my spirit I felt urged to walk over to the elder white man sitting in his wheelchair blocking the railroad way and incoming car traffic in the midst.

I'm like "Hey there sir... Are you okay?" He's like "Leave me the f--k alone you motherf---ker!" and he's all cursing me and I'm like "I haven't did you anything wrong. I'm sorry. SORRY... So sorry to bother you" and I said it in genuine natural voice. I didn't reply back angrily in pride like I could have did and cursed him back because I knew as a Christian it wouldn't be the "right response". And besides, I knew it wasn't really the "man himself" speaking; it was a "hateful spirit".

Thing is, this man was angry, frustrated, perhaps bitter and had hatred and wrath in his heart towards people. It's a cold world out here. I don't know the elder white man's life and how he did end up in a wheelchair if he wasn't born into the situation. Maybe he had some kind of accident, perhaps some people caused him to end up in a wheelchair. Maybe it was his own fault somehow. I don't know. That's not what really mattered to me at the time I was engaging with him. I care only for his SALVATION through *JESUS CHRIST* primarily. Amen!

Nowadays, "people" are not as "kind" as they used to be in many ways. It used to be different. Today's society is a generation of wicked, insensitive, self-centered, "cold-hearted" people. It's "everyone out for themselves" today because no one is showing compassion to their fellow man out of fear of being a target and personal survival expense. It's hard to survive and make it out here in the "real world"...

People are living homeless and a whole lot of personal, societal issues going on.

Besides that, than elder white man in the wheelchair I confronted to speak with to "feel him out" what his deal was told me "I'm here to block them motherf--kers!" talking about the train and I don't know what his problem was with the "train people" but I just got a sense in the Spirit that this elder white man was just "angry at the world", "hard-hearted", bitter, and "distrusting" of people because of the harshness of real life and wicked sinners we are.

When I actually did kindly "apologize" saying "sorry" multiple times in a "humble, meek *gentle* spirit" even though I didn't do anything wrong to the man personally I *SAW* and perceive a "relief" in his widened opened eyes that he saw that I "meant his good" and was showing sincere caring compassion towards him personally and his situation.

After apologizing I made my way to "walk on" to avoid further upsetting him as he "cursed me off".

As I kept walking I prayed unto the Lord Jesus Christ concerning this elder white man that the Lord hold not his cursing me against him or anything but that that man might trust on Him and be SAVED and be at peace in life and his fellow man. I don't know his life like I don't know many people's life but if I can't help people directly I can always *AT LEAST* PRAY for them sincerely.

I know GOD can help everyone in need. Amen.

Today, I've gone on a "walking journey" and "scounted" out a few different local locations, areas and churches I didn't know existed or much of. It was good to have it "cleared up" so now I have a very good idea of what to expect and deal with if I make a personal "missions trip" for certain ministry purposes in said locations.

I'm just "mapping out" the exterior of what's seen in a map in my mind: a "mental picture" of how to best serve the local communities. I'm taking NOTES and PLANNING ACTIONS. Not mindlessly and ignorantly "wandering around" like I have nothing to do.

I'm gonna need a car, truck or vehicle to get around more "speedily" to certain places I would like to go. But even before that, GOD'S WILL BE DONE.

I must first and FOREMOST make sure I'm doing what GOD WANTS ME TO DO EACH AND EVERY DAY; cuz I have many plans, many ideas, but ONLY GOD'S PLANS and IDEAS will reap the RIGHT MOST BENEFIT. Must remember that.

Okay, so after walking all the way down Lyons Avenue to the point I get to Highway 59 before the road underpasses going intot the direction of Downtown Houston, I walk up to Eastex Freeway and cross on that road bridge and make my way over to "Jensen Drive" where I all the way down and make my right turn on "Collingsworth Street".

In the time I was heading in that direction I've made "contact" with a few different people in walking and driving vehicles saying "Hey" and "Yeah, I got it" if the Lord has made them familiar with Himself from "seeing me around time" since after street-preaching exploits and "wanderings".

Thing is, what really "annoyed me" today lol kind of was this older black man driving by in his silver car (circling around) asking me with the windows down and slowed down saying, "Hey, baby, you need a ride?" in some kind of ominous, strange creepy voice. Nothin' but the DEVIL, SATAN! lol Smh... I don't trust that guy. Alarms went off in my mind: he's probably some kind of "(child) predator". Wasn't getting any good vibes from off that guy...

Like, hey, he "really cared" about offering a "ride" to another "stranger black man" (me) he's never met and don't know what I could be thinking.

Luckily for him I would be a "harmless case" since I'm not out for "blood 'n mischief". I'm out to "spread the Good News" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4). I'm a Christian, not a heathen thug of the Hood.

That said, I'm like "No, I don't need a ride. I'm walking. God Loves you You have time to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ?..." and before I COULD say what I WANTED TO SAY he's like "drove off". Lol Yeah, go figure...

Lord, I just pray no other human-being has falled for his "tricks" to their hurt. Cuz there's been a lot of people being aducted, held against their will in (storage) containers and all kinds of evil situations. It's sad! ;/ Like what happened to the woman chained at the (storage) container at a serial killer man's house and such situations recently being talked about on the news. It's bad out there.

It's the "cretins" that walk on "two legs" that are more likely to give you trouble than the mere "beasts of the field". It's PEOPLE, NOT ANIMALS one has to be morecautious around. A lot of evil, bad people around.

But besides that, having put him in prayer just hoping and praying no one becomes a victim of that man and that if he's already abducted someone hostage or such situation; hope the police can get a hand on him real soon. Don't know if he's already commited a human abduction crime already or the move; just hoping no one else "falls for his trap". Amen.

So, when I make it to Collingsworth Street I spend some brief time visiting the area of two local Christian churches before I walk the rest of the way down Collingsworth Street to make it back on the "big long road" of Lockwood drive.

After visiting another Christian church in the vicinity on my way back in town I climb over in-between some train trailers and cross over the railroad tracks to get back on the long stretch walking up on Lockwood Drive.

On my way forward I stop by a METRO bus stop for a quick break and see an elderly homeless white woman walking to my direction before passing through the grass field. I know her from around town. I perceive she's a longtime "local". I haven't really had a good "conversation" with her face-to-face besides a passing through "Hey, hi, or hello" and walking on.

She seems like a calm, peaceful, gentle old lady so I give her space unless led of the Lord to approach her directly. I hope she's a fellow "born again believer". An elder dear sister in the Lord Jesus Christ... If not, Lord-willing, I'd like to someday witness the Gospel to her directly, personally but only as the Lord Wills.

I would like to think she's aware of my "Christian exploits" in town by now like many people.

All glory be to the Lord. That's the point. Amen.

So after my "quick rest" it's about around 3:40p.m. and I'm on my way street-preaching His Word held up to people driving by in their vehicles as I walk up Lockwood Drive to Lyons Avenue to get on my way to the library and write this story lol.

So, so, I'm holding up the Bible to people driving by; a lot of positive "heart-convicting" reactions I see on people's emotional faces. Good sign.

Men driving in those tall trucks have the Bible held up to their faces as they drive by seeing the Bible held up with both my hands stretched out up towards their direction to make direct contact. Many see, take notice and consider... Hopefully ALL not just a "good few" of those truck-driving men take the "symbol" of the Bible symbolizing "Jesus Christ" to heart.

The Bible I hold up is JESUS. It's HIM.

Bible = JESUS.

People see "Bible" many people think "JESUS CHRIST" and it goes from there...

Okay now... So on the way back in town... ran into elder brother "J" as I've called him on Lyons Avenue...

So we're walking on down I said, "Hey, hey there elder brother J..." as he's walking up in the parking lot of "Los Jacales" a local Mexican restaurant in town.

He slowly makes his way over to me as I'm walking on along the sidewalk holding up the Bible and witnessing the Word to people approaching by driving by in their vehicles.

He drops his small clear plastic cup of water as he goes to ask me, "You got any spare change... man?" as he's all casually scratching his back with his hand.

I'm like "No, I do not. You have any extra change. I'm broke too."

Turns out I'm "on to elder brother J. since the last few times we've met. I've found out in times past that he's got a "nicotine addiction": AKA "cigarrete smoking habit".

Now I'm no "enabler" for people to go about "feeding their bad habits"; it's not the right thing to do and it's not right for the addicts themselves...

So, after telling elder brother J "No" we part ways as he goes on ahead of me walking up Lyons Avenue. I'm still street-preaching holding up the Word of the Lord off to the side of the sidewalk and stepping down on the curbsides of the road to show up the Bible to people driving by.

Later on, after I have crossed over Woolworth Street on the town block of "Vargas Food Mart" I noticed in the angle of my right-sided vision I see elder brother J. already taking a "puff" of a cigarette across the street in the parking lot of "Norma's Unisex Beauty Salon". It's confirmed again the second time: elder brother J. only want to talk to me to "get some money" out of me so he can go buy him some "cigarrettes" or whatever other stuff he wants to get.

Now I know elder brother J it seems don't really want "help" to get his life back on track but is okay with roaming the streets and feeding his nicotine habits.

I ain't sayin' nothin' "against him" cuz I love him as an elder brother in Christ and a fellow human-being as the Lord would have me do. I just simply realize now and understand that he's only out to "use me" for whatever *MONEY* he can get out of me so he can buy him some "stuff".

Other than that, he ain't gonna really talk with me or have a conversationg; just passing through if I don't just hand him some money to buy cigarrettes and/or beer.

That said, he ain't hurtin' me or "inconveniencing me" unnecessarily so I go about my business say "Hey, how you doin'?" in "small talk" and go on my way as he does the same.

Hmmm... Hopefully I meet see him at church sometime if he's still around town here in Denver Harbor.

A while back we talked, seems like he has kinfolks in Louisiana. Probably originally from Louisiana too; but can't be completely sure.

Since I don't ever really like to "pry into people's personal lives and business" I basically take what they tell me as "true" more or less and don't go any further. It ain't my business and has nothing to do with me otherwise.

I only hope and pray the best for him, and people that do "open up" a little to share their lives with me, that God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ works in their HEARTS so that *HE* can WORK IN THEIR LIVES to accomplish *HIS WILL* for their lives.

That's all I can hope for. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

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