Monday, February 8, 2016

A Spirit-Led Walk Into The Wilderness...

Today I walked from Denver Harbor, Fifth Ward community to Wallisville Road.

Quite a long walk without transportation.

Walked from Hoffman Street to Lyons Avenue then walked all the way on East Freeway to get on Wallisville Road and walked onto Oates Road; walked crossed under the highway overpass and saw many different people driving by in their vehicles who have probably "seen me in previous soulwinning missions in the Lord"; shaking their heads in disbelief. I see it all.

Hopefully, glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ, people REPENT and TURN AWAY from the world and unto CHRIST! Amen!

So then I walked and trekked across some nature trails in Herman Brown Park and walked into a neighborhood on my way to Workforce Solutions to print some documents.

In this instance, I came across John Ralston Road and walked down it to get back onto the main strip of Maxey Road that connected down into Wallisville Road that I needed to walk on.

It was basically a long walk without driving or riding the bus, good exercise and as I walked I briefly pondered how Christ did His Ministry as He just "walked" to the numerous villages, towns and cities of His Time in Israel under the Roman Empire's occupation. Must have been a lot of vigorous exercise and moving footground to minister to the people directly and not just "pass by" everyone and everything when one is driving or riding the bus.

On foot in any given area, I've gain a considerable sense of what's around me and what's going on with the people in the area that you just can't get from just "passing by" it on a daily basis.

This "boots on the ground" footwork is needed to be able to directly and personally affect an area and win souls to Christ.

God-willing, as the Lord Jesus Christ leads me in His Holy Spirit, His Will be done. Amen.

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