Friday, July 6, 2018

Are You In "God's Army"?

Hello all...

It's been a while. Been a while...

Two days ago I was out with family doing some "4th of July" barbecue feast grocery shopping and I wore my GOD'S ARMY black cap on my head as we went into Walmart, Dollar Tree, Winn-Dixie, Dirt Cheap and The Home Depot all here in Hammond, Louisiana.

As I wore my "Christian-themed black cap" on my head many people gave me a "second look" through the public "social veil" they wear on their faces when putting on a "good face" in public like we all do.

However, since I'm a strong, young Christian black man endued with the Holy Spirit of God and know His Ways and His Word I know how to carry myself as a man as God intends so a lot of people; especially REBELLIOUS WOMEN don't like that. And that's a PROBLEM because I do my best to be a GOOD STRONG MAN who knows what God expects of me and in good courtesy I would like to think GOOD women not "trashy" would appreciate the goods a GOOD MAN OF GOD brings to the table in society in terms of leadership, protection, provision and VISION.

As much as Western women in the world love to wickedly COMPLAIN about the "lack of good men" in society I truly doubt they even try to recognize and FAIL TO APPRECIATE the few actual real GOOD MEN in society when they are around... Because from what I've seen in my personal experience most Western women are "stuck-up", self-centered GODLESS, HEATHEN rebellious, disobedient JEZEBELS who are so "uppity" and ARROGANT in their truly ignorant ignorance about how life actually works and the way GOD intends the relations between men and women on earth!

Yeah, nobody is "perfect" (like you) but don't "beat down" and "disrespect" the few GOOD MEN around that are actually keeping society "still going" from imploding on itself because God will judge a GODLESS, HEATHEN WICKED NATION that America has become!

Hey, the MAJORITY of young  Black American men in America and Western Society already have a bad rap and STIGMA about them so as a young black man in society a lot of people don't really "respect" or "take me seriously" in public as they should in MY CASE. They especially should and if they won't they will suffer the "downfall" as a result...

That's what really bothers, upsets and angers me deep down: I'm not at all like those "thug niggoz" people like to stereotype most Black American men as; and the thing is as much as I try to put forth a "good example and role model" for how young Black American men should behave and conduct themselves to the best of MY INDIVIDUAL POSITION I'll always be "denigrated" and "disrespected" by many people because it never helps that many of young black men in America my peers are just giving ALL black men a "bad name" by their stupid ignorant actions and behaviours we see in society and the TV news!

I wish I could say "it doesn't matter" but IT DOES MATTER because the actions a wicked group of black men does looks bad on ALL BLACK MEN ON A WHOLE in society's eyes. And the thing is society is RIGHT! It makes ME LOOK BAD when I've done nothing wrong at all and that's what hurts.

But like I've learned in life about the "good 'n evil" there is always a REMNANT of "the good" left over from the filth. I apply that to all areas and peoples of life.

I only hope and pray many people in society can have the wisdom of discernment to tell the "good black men" from the "bad black men".

Which leads me to the "sistahs" AKA the "Black American Women"...

Now a lot of Black American women have truly horrible BAD ATTITUDES and NASTY PERSONALITIES that many people don't want to deal with or be around; like me for instance.

Now this is a "deep-seeded issue" because a lot of these BITTER, ANGRY, "MAD BLACK WOMEN" are JADED deep-down because some "niggot" in their lives either knocked them up with a buttload of kids or did them wrong any kind of way.

I never turn a "blind eye" to the wicked actions of many Black American Men who do Black American Women WRONG and in turn the black women become all BITTER, MEAN, ANGRY and NEGATIVE all the time towards ALL BLACK MEN as a result!

One bad apple spoils the bunch.

It's like I'm just "walking into the store" and the "collective mean stares" of bitter, angry, negative Black American Women just "zone in" on me out of either "hatred", "angst", "resentment" or "retaliation" like I "did them wrong" when I never ever even met or KNOW these women in the first place lol Smh... And they just want to HATE ON ME FOR NO GOOD REASON!

Like, what the heck?!

Grow the "f" up as the world says...

I didn't "knock you up" with your out-of-wedlock bastard kids who keep looking at me like "I'm their daddy" 'cause they don't got no real live MAN INFLUENCE in their "female-dominated" spiritually-dead households!

You need to go take your MISPLACED ANGER where it belongs: at THE MAN who did you wrong; not on the whole world of Black American men, okay? It's just STUPID. It makes you look PATHETIC, okay.

As world says, "deal with your s-h-I-t. Deal with your s-h-I-t". I didn't make it. You and/or that "niggot" you hate so much you use me as a "scapecoat" to hate on all men but the ones who directly did you wrong. You do wrong to "hate on people" who you don't even know and frankly wouldn't even want to know you by how you just live such a pathetic life of hatred, negativity and IGNORANCE.

Because Bro. Jed Mask don't surround himself with lame, NEGATIVE, hateful MISERABLE people who "put their problems" on other people instead of "dealing with their own s-h-I-t".

Everybody says "man up". Well, okay; how about WOMAN UP as well then, huh?

Works both ways.

"Equality" too much, eh? Yeah, it don't work that way...

Anyways, as a strong young black man full of the Holy Spirit of God I walked in and shopped with my family LEADING FROM THE FRONT doing my best to behave the PROPER WAY men should and I tell you many, godless REBELLIOUS heathen females don't like the LEADERSHIP and AUTHORITY of being in natural submission to a man the way GOD INTENDED. READ THE BIBLE if you "think" I'm making "bullcrap". Many people won't even read a Scripture verse before they try to lamely "disprove" a point I make when they "got issue with it" or "me" ultimately.

Anyways, I'm cool, calm and collected just trying to have a good time out with my family and enjoy some family time this 4th of July holiday.

A lot of the black women I saw in the stores I mentioned earlier either were "put in check" to realize that yes there does exist some "good black men" out there that are CHRISTIAN and responsible and are good citizens. They do exist.

Now the FLIP SIDE of that is that when black women actually do come in contact with good Christian black men many of these same black women depending on whether or not they are "believers" are "unbelievers" are still in a personal state of REBELLION and DISOBEDIENCE because they are too "prideful" as "strong, independent I-don't-need-no-man nonsense" BAD ATTITUDE that they think it's WEAK and SHAMEFUL for a "black woman" to SUBMIT to a "black man" because they think it's a "low social status move of weakness.

Black women must learn how to LET GO of their emotional turmoil from about other people and learn how to TREAT THE GOOD BLACK MEN RIGHT when they come across or into their lives: because if you don't and GENIUENLY then some other women will and they will be "taken" FOR GOOD. That's how life works.

Let me tell you the REAL TRUTH: the REAL LOW STATUS MOVE OF WEAKNESS is MAD BLACK WOMEN'S SHAMEFUL REFUSAL to SUBMIT TO BLACK MEN! That's the true "weakness" whether you like or accept it or not.

Also, when I was working at Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Ponchatoula, Louisiana I knew a group of four black women who drove in a truck to the back dock to pick up their furniture merchandise and they had NO MEN around who could of helped them load up the furniture piece in the back of the truck.

Needless to say I saw what was coming and TOOK INITIATIVE as the only black man around who saw what was happening and to keep things running smoothly for all the guys working in the warehouse: I went over and "communicated" with these black women and got them set up and told them their load was coming in a while so they could just "take it easy" and wait a while. And I went back to my work to finish something up real quick.

I kept "making glances" over at the group of black women talking to each other and one or two would notice me looking back at them but with "unfriendly" "what you lookin' at? bad attitude kind-of-looks" and I was only looking at them in a "casual glance" just keeping track of when the guys with the furniture showed up so I could help them load upthe truck.

Every time I'm around most black women it's like I have to "keep my guard up" because they always have some kind of "anger, resentment and bitterness" against me as a black man even when I'm doing my best to be kind, polite and respectful to them I always get "rubbed the wrong way" by them.

So my co-workers, two older white men show up to help load the sofa for these women as I the only "black man" around officiated the social dynamics of helping an all-black female group out with the "heavy-lifting".

When all was said and done one of my white man co-workers said "Ok, that there is loaded in good. You don't even need to strap it. Do y'all have help to unload it at home...?" and I don't think any of my two white men co-workers I was working with wanted to be bothered doing business further with these black women because we all knew the answer (and as white men they weren't likely going to say it to my face right there in public but probably think and say it to themselves in private): these bad attitude, loud and rebellious black women "rogue females" are most likely a "pain in the behind" to live with on a daily basis which is why no "black man" or "any man in general" is around in their lives to help them because they don't and aren't going to put up with the bad attitudes and personal crap. I know I wouldn't. I don't.

My fellow white men co-workers even "subtly acknowledged" me saying "thank you" in quite whispers to me for helping them out with dealing with a group of black females in the situation to which I said "Oh yeah..." and nothing further everything being "understood" on the "subconscious level".

Was glad when they finally left after I helped loading up. I don't need that negative, "dysfunctional energy" in my daily life. Nor do I want it. I'd rather be ALONE.

As a CHRISTIAN I am COMMANDED to LOVE ALL PEOPLE but that doesn't mean I have to always "live around" them or "be around" them in daily life. Just love and "get along" and if can't "get along" or "communicate" I continue to "keep distance to self " and stay to my own personal business is how I roll.

But the real "silver lining" in the end was when the ELDER black woman of the group, most likely the mama, grandma, aunt, great aunt or somebody looked at the older white men and thanked them for their service but then looked to me with a "repentant humble smile" of appreciation having realized as the only black man around to help them I "dealt with them" enough and actually helped them out when I could have EASILY avoided dealing with them in the first place if I so wanted. Nobody would of known or really cared but God if I only took Him to account on that.

The "oldest woman" AKA the "elder grandma-like figure" of the bunch seemed to acknowledge my "goodwill" in the end towards them and did tell me a kind "Thank you" which I'll say makes up for the awful "behaviour" of the group. 

It always comes down to the oldest the ELDER knowing what's really right to do in the end... Good deal.

I just nodded my head "Yes" and said "Thanks, hope y'all have a good evening" and as soon as they walked to get back into the truck I was walking my own way back to work to get out of their sight and be out of sight from anyone else at that moment.

I can only say I hope that group of four black women were able to unload that heavy furniture sofa piece together or they got help because as soon as they left if all they were gonna have towards me was NEGATIVE, "unfriendly" UGLY "mean-looking" faces at the man who made sure they got help; I was glad them left.

I'll be willing to "help people" but just don't expect my "social company" in your lives if I'm only disrespected and HATED: I'd rather be alone than waste my time with haters and LOSERS.

I'll make it short because I hate rambling even though I like writing: no GOOD BLACK MAN will stress himself to death to try to "live with" a STUBBORN, HARDHEADED, HATEFUL, BAD ATTIDUDE, NASTY MAD BLACK WOMAN who DOESN'T KNOW HER PLACE and HER ROLE in Black American Society and society at large.

Let these words sink deep in your ears for YOUR OWN SAKE; not "mine": KNOW YOUR ROLE and KNOW. YOUR. PLACE!

Whether you "like it" or "not". Amen.

Also, many women of other races besides just the black women I've focused on gave me similar "looks" of "Oh gosh, he must be some kind of religious, extremist, oppressive woman ruler Christian guy" or some ignorant nonsense they don't really understand.

Whatever the "looks" I got from females in public I perceive in my GUT INSTINCTS it wasn't all "pretty".

If I didn't "come-out-of-the-closet" as a Christian wearing my Christian cap in secular heathenistic public declaring my "stance" on life and just acted like a "regular" worldly, thuggish or "gangsta rap niggot" pop culture image of young Western Black American men a lot of these same woman's mean-looking, or "resentful, angsty, pouty-looking" grimaces on their faces would be turned to flirtatious smiles of lust and intrigue: a "catch 22" experience...

I know how to be that "thug gangsta black Chad" AKA the "Tyrone" worldly women want. But...

I'm not gonna "stoop down" to some low class, low level, heathen man with no moral standards and principals for living life: go find some "accommodating" godless loser so you can both live lame, wicked lives of heathendom together who will "go along" with your crazy ways because NO GOOD REAL MAN WILL CONTINUE TO TOLERATE AND PUT UP WITH UNWARRANTED BAD BEHAVIOUR FROM FEMALES! Not forever! He'll LEAVE eventually or "distance himself" to the point you "get the message" and "understand" he doesn't want to "be with you" or "around you" because you are such a pathetic, lame, miserable negative person who poisons the social atmosphere of an otherwise good day. Yeah, no STRONG "good man" will stick around forever. A WEAK "good man" might, but even he might be "pushed too far" and do something that would harm or kill you in retaliation for his relational abuse. You see the news on TV enough to "get this picture"...

Many times people CAUSE THEIR OWN HURT, PAIN, DESTRUCTION AND DEATH in the end. It's not "other people's fault"; it's YOUR FAULT and until YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR ACTIONS and YOUR CHOICES in YOUR LIFE you'll always be MISERABLE & ALONE blaming other people like the LOSER YOU CHOSE TO BE. That's how life works: YOU MAKE YOUR CHOICES and whether you like it or not YOU LIVE WITH THEM.

Just look at me for example: I could be your typical, stereotypical black "niggot" thug most people think young black men are because unfortunately most young black men in Western society are NOT "good role models" on being a "good man and citizen" in Western Society but EXCEPTIONS like MYSELF always exist! It's like that for EVERYONE. But black men in America and society at large are perceived as violent dangerous threats to society because many black men unfortunately continue to want to "fit that category".

I'm wise enough to take people at a "case-by-case" basis even though I may have my "preconceived thoughts" of what kind of person they are even though I haven't really gotten to know them.

We all JUDGE in life. It's part of human SIN nature; but it's not the defining marker of who we are as people: it's how WE CHOOSE TO SEE AND TREAT OTHER PEOPLE that SEPARATES the "good from the bad" the "class from the trash" and we're seeing it ever more so as this world goes further into turmoil and chaos before the Rapture of the Church and the Rise of Power of the Antichrist.

Also, the "men" I meant in public either gave my looks and/or gestures of "respect" and/or "understanding" whether they agreed with the "beliefs" I hold as a Christian or not a lot of guys seemed to at least "respect my choice of values" in life; because MEN in the "instinctual sense" seem to "universally-recognize" we "choose our own path".

Yet many men are unsaved, godless heathens in American society today unfortunately... It's a shame. A real shame...

Anyways I remember passing by a group of mostly young adult black people around my peer age group of early twenties and so forth: it's a mixed group of guys and girls talking to each other. I pass by walking smooth in my cool strong stride and they catch a "look" at my black Christian hat titled "God's Army" and instinctually from what I saw on their faces and body language they got the message I must be a real "serious Bible believer or "bible thumper" many unsaved worldly people like to "typecast" Christians as.

Anyways, not try trying to "poke fun" but they got all their color-dyed hair and liberal cultured modern pop culture clothing style images going and to me from a "biblical lens" they looked like "modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah" in my honest personal opinion lol. Smh... With all these nose, tongue piercings, crazy tattoos and wacky color-dyed hairstyles lookin' like MODERN-DAY SAVAGES lol. But I'm just sayin'...

Yeah, those "black women" of the group got "awfully close back to their male counterparts of shared "heathen living cultural lifestyle values" because at this point in my life if I PERSONALLY was to "get serious" about marrying a woman as wife she would have to be a VIRGIN and a CHRISTIAN like me: EQUALLY YOKED IN SPIRIT AND GOD-WILLED PURPOSE.

It's on purpose.

I can't "take a chance" and marry some "rebellious she-devil woman just 'cause she "look fine" or some other young, dumb youthful nonsense reasons I used to have when I was a "kid" growing up to being a MAN. Those days are over... I don't want to "backtrack" into ignorance and stupidity.

I don't go to clubs, hang out at bars and no "nightlife" nonsense. I only go to work and church. Work and church and stay around family. That's it and that's all I want if I'm not actively doing Christian ministry work led by the Holy Spirit.

ALL MY TIME must be DEVOTED to GOD and HIS WILL because SO MANY CHRISTIANS just DO NOT CARE about DOING ANYTHING FOR GOD ANYMORE: they won't even go to "church" in respect TO GOD regardless of the "social church politics" that go on that I hate as well but I don't really go to church for the "people" per se' but just to hear the preacher or pastor PREACH the WORD OF GOD.

Many people in church will only "screw you around", gossip, stab you in the back and try to USE YOU if you have your guard down and let them.

I don't have time for that "circus" of foolishness: I do church  "better" all by myself in my own walk with the Lord and in this online Christian ministry I do here on the internet than to fool with that mess.

I really don't get much from "church attendance" other than the fellowship with live human-beings who I hope are also truly Holy Ghost "born again believers" as myself but I mostly go there to be a "personal witness example" of what a more "committed Christian" looks like IN ACTION. That's me. I ain't perfect but I DO MY BEST. That right there eliminates many lukewarm, uncommitted, worldly, carnal Christians we see today: NO VISION, PURPOSE and NO POWER OF TRUTH in their personal daily lives.

I don't know about you but I want to be EXCEPTIONAL; the one out of the "usual" who did his best to take a STAND FOR GOD and did not let haters and "naysayers" hold me back from stepping into all I can do FOR GOD and HIS GLORY.

It's SCARY to be EXTRAORDINARY. It's "expected" to be ORDINARY.

Well I'm not an "ordinary person". My life was never "fated" that way it seems. So I'll go ALL OUT and be EXTRAORDINARY and let people say whatever good or bad they'll say about me because people will ALWAYS TALK ABOUT YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.

I just won't let nobody sabotage me for BEING MY BEST FOR GOD BY HIS GRACE.

May you ENLIST in GOD'S ARMY my brethren in Christ!

KJV 2 Timothy 2:3-4,

3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.



~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

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